[risa nagase] 
birthdate + age Jan 5, 198? ◦ 30-33 occupation actress & eccentric personality Capricorn & Type 3 & ENTJ
media perception: tbd.

intentionally/unintentionally marketed as the "token asian" in several projects. eccentric in her presentation of self, but overall rather shy and mild. can come across as being cold/unwelcoming. grew up in both japan and america so speaks english fluently but tends to be treated like she doesn't. ridiculously patient.

if using ROLA: criticized for "whitewashing" herself ie blonde hair and light contacts. half bengali so often called out for not being a "true" representation of japan.

if using MLLE YULIA: criticized for "trying too hard" and for "refusing to grow up" ie blue hair.
[film] (2017) Pacific Rim: Maelstrom Mako Mori (unconfirmed) (2014) big hero 6 GoGo Tomago (voice) (2014) Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter kumiko (2013) 47 Ronin Mika (2013) Pacific Rim Mako Mori (2011) Sucker Punch Amber (2010) Norwegian Wood Midori (2009) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead Anna (2009) Assault Girls Gray (2008) The Brothers Bloom Bang Bang (2008) The sky Crawlers Suito Kusanagi (voice) (2007) Genius Party Voice (2006) Babel Chieko Wataya (2005) Sin city Miho (2003) Kill Bill Volume 1 Gogo Yubari (2000) Battle Royale Takako Chigusa (YEAR) TITLE ROLE